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Ø Tubes and material: 30 mm – Molybdenum chrome steel
Wheel base: 1045 mm
Rear width: 636 mm
Front width: 725 mm
Length: 1530 mm
Tank capacity: 8,5 lit
Braking system: BSD with stub axles evolution type and DOT 5.1 lubricant
Axle: 50 mm with CIK-FIA stamp
Steering wheel: HGS Steering wheel
Bodyworks: M7 spoiler, M10 fairings with optional CIK-FIA
Magnesium Wheels: MXC 130-210 – 130-180 mm
Homologation: 012-CH-30
Engine: 125ccm – 16 000 RPM (OK) Vortex powered by ONE Engines

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